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Don't Cut The Chord (by @lissielahm)

*drum rolls*
and this is the next winner, with no order... @lissielahm!

This is my top 3 Chord Overstreet’s moments during Glee season 2 :
1)      Episode 4 : Duets
I am so glad because after 2 not so good Glee episodes (Britney/Brittany & Grilled Cheesus), Chord (Sam) is offcially joining the New Direction. Yay Chord ^^ His duets with Quinn in ‘Lucky’ was a breakthrough. I was totally blown away by their sweet yet phenomenal duet. ‘Lucky’ was a simple song, comparing to ‘Pretending’ (my #1 duet of the season) but I really love the sincere chemistry that Sam and Quinn had on that song. Well, actually if I were the New Directions member, I would definitely vote for Barbie and Ken. LOL. Because even Rachel and Finn sang their duet, I don’t think it would be as great as Sam and Quinn’s.

2)      Episode 13 : Comeback
Need to say more? Haha! It’s Chord Overstreet going Bieberlicious. Everything Bieber does is epic. And so when Chord try to be Bieber, it’s epic too. The jacket, the haircut, the white watch. Geez. I’m in love with Sam’s white watch, I have to tell. Sam can potray Justin Bieber really well. He has that Bieber swag deep down inside his soul. LOL.  I think the Glee version of ‘Baby’ and ‘Somebody to Love’ are much better than the original one. Artie can rap really well on Ludacris part in ‘Baby’. This is when Chord hits his hotness boiling point. No doubt, the best moment of Chord Overstreet on Glee season 2. PS : I think making a boyband can be a very promising job for the Glee guys after graduating from Glee.

3)      Episode 19 : Rumours
In this episode, I was hoping that there are more portion of storyline for the Evans family. But Ryan Murphy did disappoint me! Sam’s little siblings are insanely adorable. And I wanna see how Mr . and Mrs. Evans look like and how they struggle to find a job and deal with the financial problem. It would be such a touchy episode with family values for the viewers. In this episode I can see Sam is a very good brother. He loves his little siblings. He takes responsibilty to help his parents with the financial problem by working as a Delivery boy. So Dear Mr. Ryan Murphy, please stop adding more Gay and Lesbian issues on Glee (they have already get their equal right to legally get married)  and add more family values to the story.

What I like about Chord?
Do I need to say more after my essay up there? Haha! Well, it’s simply because Chord is that all American boy type that you wanna be friends with. He’s a sweet sweet eye candy.  I can see from his tweets after the news spread about Ryan Murphy deciced to erase Sam Evans character from Glee, he seems pretty cool. He looks kinda disappointed that his Glee role has to be over (who’s not, I mean, like a role in Glee is so big that I bet so many ppl would die for it!) But I like his optimisim about summer time and starting fresh. Chord is a good example of a professional public figure.  No hard feelings, keep moving forward.

Why he must stay in Glee?
Sam Evans character adds more diversity in New Direction. He’s blonde (all the Glee guys are brunettes). Sam can speak Na’vi. His trouthy mouth can be an inspiration for writing song. Sam is kinda awkward and funny at the same time. He has some insecurities too and that makes his character so close to the real life. I bet there are so many guy friends around us, who’s just like Sam, right? Last, but not least, OMG Ryan Murphy, how could you be so mean to Mercedes? All these past 2 seasons, Mercedes has been longing for a boy who likes her for who she is. And when does find someone, you give her a boyfriend only for the last minutes of the episode, then you cut their relationship on the next whole season?? Boo! Your decision is very disappointing for the fans. We’re just so tired of Finchel these 2 seasons and we need a new power couple. It should be excited figuring out what probably Mercedes and Sam are gonna sing as duet.

Chord’s best solo in Glee?
Well, I’ve checked Glee Wiki about Sam Evans and apparently  he doesn’t have his own Solo, except ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’, but it was unreleased. So for Chord’s best performance in Glee, I’m gonna pick “Lucky”. “Lucky” is my #2 most played song on my iPod’s Glee season 2 playlist. J (#1 is “Teenage Dream”). I just can’t get tired of the sweetness of Chord and Dianna’s harmonious voice on that song.

I keep playing that song over and over again while I’m imagining me and my crush sing that as our duet. LOLJK. And I’m looking forward to Chord’s post Glee project, both in singing and acting career. 

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