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Don't Cut The Chord (by @gleestateofmind)

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Audition. It is the first episode premiere of Glee Season 2. The episode began with the scene of the McKinley High School’s glee club, New Directions, being ridiculously interviewed by the school’s “paparazzi”, Jacob Ben Israel. The club members were in the choir room, discussing about Nationals in New York. Afterwards, the gang performed the song ‘Empire State of Mind’ in the school’s outdoor cafeteria. Then, there he was. The new kid, Sam Evans. He tapped his foot to the beat of the song. That’s when we, gleeks knew: we’ve got a new favorite guy.

  After a while, we saw Sam and the guys (Finn, Artie, Puck and Mike) singing the song ‘Billionaire’. The first time I saw him sing, I thought: that’s a brand new talent in the grand new season. Wait. He wasn’t only singing, he was singing WHILE playing his guitar! When he sang, I can feel it. It was that he did his very best. I can’t help singing along. Chord Overstreet’s first song in Glee was a total success.

  The next time we saw him was in the ‘Duets’ episode. He introduced himself in a funny way. He said, “I am Sam. Sam I am. And I don’t like green eggs and ham.” What does this quote tell us? It shows a hilarious and fun side of Sam Evans. We also found out later, that he has a crush on the new head cheerleader, Quinn Fabray. We saw them together in the Astronomy class. They were so cute together! He was practicing their rendition of “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. Especially, when they performed the duet in front of the class, it was magical. We were bedazzled by their awesome chemistry. And their Breadstix scene, the way he smiled was SO CUTE! He seems like a little naïve boy, but cute and charming for a guy who has lemon in his hair. That’s why we liked him instantly. 

  We’re gonna fast-forward to the ‘Comeback’ episode. In this episode, Sam Evans aka Chord Overstreet aka The Blonde Bieber, is performing songs by Justin Bieber. He did that to show his love for Quinn. He performed the song ‘Baby’ in an AMAZING way! From this episode, we have seen: The Dancing Blonde Bieber (that is a better dancer than Bieber, I may say). His dance moves were just so cool, it was irresistible. The way he glided on top of the piano and stood on the tip of his shoes, it’s just pure awesomeness. How is that not amazing? If that’s not amazing, then it’s remarkable, wonderful, marvelous, and mind-blowing!! Haha. That episode surely made some beliebers interested. One of my friends was so anticipated about this episode, everyday she keeps asking me, “When will the Glee-Bieber episode be aired???” Ever since that episode, my friend became a gleek.

  In “Original Song”, Santana created a new nickname for our sweet Sam, Trouty Mouth. Ever since that episode, we gleeks have been calling him Trouty Mouth (sorry, Chord…) He seemed quite annoyed about it, and as a result, he wears a shirt printed with the words “TROUTY MOUTH” in “Born This Way”. He still looks cool while wearing that shirt.

  In “Rumours”, we found out that Sam’s family is in a financial crisis, and he lives in a motel. This event can relate to some viewers, and his relatable desperateness strengthens us who has less. (Plus Stacey & Stevie are too cute to be true) When the episode almost ended, we saw him cry! He was so caring. He performed the song Don’t Stop happily with the rest of the crew. This episode is probably one of my favorites.

  Oh, and one more thing. Sam Evans is an expert in Na’vi (the avatar language) and his famous impressions. I remembered what he said to Quinn, “Lor Manari”. Which means, “You have pretty eyes”. His most memorable impression is the one when he said, “This morning I woke up and decided to swallow the sun.” Chord came up with it himself. What a funny guy!

  Based on everything I’ve said (written, typed) before, I concluded that Sam and Chord both probably has similar personalities. They’re both funny and entertaining.  Well, as I said before, I love Chord so much! He is funny, wonderful, irresistible, and hunky. His singing voice is unique and extraordinary. The fact that his voice is low, but he managed to reach those high notes. Example: when he was singing Friday, he belted out the highest note. He's a really talented singer indeed. He is also an excellent actor, because he can portray Sam Evans from many different angles. Sam can sometimes be funny, cool, serious, excited, brave, caring and others. The way he described about how astonishing is the new character. The new Glee Club member we love, Sam Evans. He brought a fictional character to life by his hilarious impressions, awkward jokes and doings. He also helped Glee show some struggling families, concerning about the recession in America. Chord is also very athletic, as we can see; he has recently played in the Celeb Softball game. 

  Furthermore, he cares about all his fans: Unichords and Sammites. On 2nd of July, he tweeted, “i have the coolest fans hands down!!!! i love you all!!” On 1st of July, he replied some of his fans’ tweets. That was a hectic yet exciting ‘Chord-Overstreet-twitter-spree’. By seeing him do that, we feel appreciated and recognized. Fans will see him as a kind and concerned person. 

  We’ve all heard the news about him not making it as a series regular. And we are totally bummed. A gleek made a twitition entitled “Keep Chord Overstreet as a Regular on Glee”. By far, it has around 13, 000 signatures. His fans love him so much. If he leaves, there won’t be any more Sam Evans. No more of ‘our favorite Glee guy’. No more Blonde Bieber. No more awkward jokes and impressions. And one more thing; No more Chord Overstreet on the hit show, Glee. 

  So personally, I would really love it if Chord Overstreet won’t leave Glee. Finally, 3 words for Chord: Gleektastic. Biebalicious. Plain-awesome.

by: @gleestateofmind

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