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Don't Cut The Chord (by @cavenstein)

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Finnaly, this is the winner of #DontCutTheChordContest!
Enjoy The Story!

My thought on Chord Overstreet, he's like. The best male lead on the show. :)
I'm not talking about his face or abs.. 
I'm talking about Sam Evans whom very loyal to the Glee club, football club, his girlfriend, and his family.

And here's some reasons I want him to stay:

1. He's such a leader.
He defend Kurt. He fight Karofsky. Even when no one asked him to do that. He risked his face and life to protect his friends even when he only knew them for few months. 

And what was Finn doing that time? He's the 'leader' he knows Kurt for almost 2 years now. He's his step brother. Why aint he beating Karofsky up? Why Sam? Why does Finn care about his reputation more that his own step brother?
And when ND is going to their 2nd Sectional, he's trying his best to make ND a winner. Even if he's a new kid.

2. He's such a gentleman.
In 2x04. he's proud enough for having Kurt to be his duet partner even when Finn told him the risk of being mocked and slushied everyday.
"In my world if I make a promise, that's that." :)
And when he's dating Quinn. He proved that he's serious and proud of having Quinn as his girlfriend even when he know about her past. He comfort Quinn when she's too nervous to go on stage on 'special education', he defend Quinn, when Finn blame her in 2x11. He gives Quinn his whole heart with his "proposal" ring in 2x08.

And when he knew Quinn is pulling away from him, he try his best to win her back. He practiced all day to be rock and roll like bieber, he perform in front of a few Bar Mitvah ceremonies.
And yet, he's still got mocked by the rest of the glee guys.

I love Finn, Puck, Mike, and Artie. But I don't think I've seen a better boyfriend than Sam. Even when he knew Quinn is cheating on him with Finn, he still refuge to believe. Cuz he loves his Quinny and will sacrifice everything for her even if it's hurt.

And when he's with Santana, he still acted like a good boyfriend. Even when he know that he's still in love with Quinn. But he realize, Quinn is happier with Finn. And he should let her go. After all, Q's happiness is his priority. *you should see the 'funeral' episode when sue is giving speeches, Sam was looking at Quinn and Finn's hand together. And I bet that's not easy for him.* and maybe he thought that Santana can help him over Quinn. But yet, Santana dump him for Karofsky. And yet he still okay with that.

3. He's a fighter.
You may know what happened to him in 2x19. But he still try to make everything better. He had to babysit his siblings and worked as a pizza delivery guy at night to help his parent. What a son! He risk everything for his family. He sold his guitar, which is his most precious stuff in the world I must say. Just so he can help his family. And he won't let his sibling feeling down. He tried his best for her sibs to feel like there's nothing wrong.


You guys may know him as just another Trouty Mouth who can sing. 

But for me he's way more than that. And it kills me knowing the fact that Ryan will just cut that character. Ignoring how important he is. At least let him be happy. Let him be happy with Mercedes. Maybe Mercedes will help him through his probs. He worth it. worth to be happy. After all the crappy things the writers do to him, they can't just cut him. New Direction will never be the same without him.


My favorite Chord's number is Baby. Cuz he do bieber better than bieber ever was. lol

"We need you Sam. We'll do anything we can to help you stay in Glee Club."-Rachel Berry.♥ 

"We need you Chord. We'll do anything we can to help you stay in Glee."- GLEEKS. :)

#keepchordonglee #oriwillcutyou

Just another Gleek :) (@cavenstein)

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